What makes Quantmade unique?

Quantmade is a WEALTHTECH firm that specializes in creating advanced quantitative strategies and portfolio management systems. These are designed for a variety of investable products, such as managed accounts, funds, and certificates. The firm focuses on leveraging quantitative analysis and algorithms to drive investment decisions and manage portfolios, aiming to enhance wealth creation for its clients. Since its inception in 2018, Quantmade commits to offering comprehensive, turnkey solutions tailored to the investment needs of a wide range of clients, including professional and private investors, asset managers, and institutional funds. Through its quant-driven investment solutions, Quantmade seeks to improve the financial outcomes for its clientele by overcoming the limitations of traditional investment approaches.

Dr. Michael Geke
CEO Quantmade

Quantmade Headquarter
Löwenburg 1
40668 Meerbusch

About the Founder

Dr. Michael Geke
CEO Quantmade

The founder of the fintech platform Quantmade is Dr. Michael Geke. Michael has a background in natural sciences and business administration and intensively studied mathematical simulation models during his doctorate. He himself looks back on a career in the software and management consulting world, where he worked for almost 20 years. Our team consists of specialists for the development of algorithms and computer models in equity trading. His philosophy is to take processes and tasks in the financial world to a new level with the help of algorithms, intelligent mathematical models and data analysis.


Since 2015, we have been working on forecasting models in the Business Intelligence / Big Data area. Based on these models, forecasting models and trading systems for the financial market and financial market analysis were developed. The models were transferred into software solutions in 2016. We have validated our models through numerous analyses and tests and are proud to offer them to you on Quantmade.

The core of our work is the further development of our existing models as well as the development of completely new systems for the sustainably profitable trading of securities.


We have developed Quantmade as an online platform for private and professional investors and traders. We want every investor to be able to successfully manage their investments with the tools of the market professionals.

Furthermore, we work for numerous family offices and provide special trading software for equity portfolios.


We have told you something about us on our website. If you are interested in joining us – as an employee or intern – we would be happy to hear more from you. Please write to us and send your application to info@quantmade.com.

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