7 must knows
about Quantmades methods

1. Quantmade methods can help to identify patterns and trends in market data that may not be visible to the naked eye. This can give investors an edge over the competition and help them to make more informed investment decisions.

2. Quantmade methods can be used to design the overall client risk, return and correlation requirements and this is a more objective and disciplined approach than traditional methods. This can help to reduce the emotional biases that can often lead to poor investment decisions.

3. Quantmade methods can be used to manage risk more effectively. This can help to protect investors from losses and reduce the volatility of their portfolios.

4. Quantmade-based investing can be more cost-efficient than traditional investing. This is because it does not require the use of human analysts or traders.

5. Quantmade methods are designed to time market entry and exit what gives investors a cutting-edge advantage over traditional cost-average timing-free investing approaches as this improves risk / return profiles significantly.

6. Quantmade methods are sophisticated algorithms but the basic principles are not difficult to understand. This makes it easier for investors to assess the risks and potential rewards of a quant based investment strategy.

7. Quantmade methods have a confirmed proven track record on real-money managed accounts over the last five years and they succeeded to handle all market phases properly during this period, reduced the risk of our clients and delivered outstanding outperformance in terms of risk and return.