Building wealth with Quantmade AMCs

  • The Challange: Investing and managing your own stock portfolio sustainably and consistently can be very complicated for individual and professional investors. Not only that you need a lot of information, you need a good timing for your trades and position management.
  • The Solution: At Quantmade, we have developed various intelligent algorithmic strategies, that do the whole analysis, calculation and portfolio work systematically and sutainably with attractive risk/return ratios on daily basis.
  • The Product: By “wrapping” Quantmade managed US equity portfolios into an active managed certificate (AMC) issued by UBS, private and professional investors can profit directly from the Quantmade performance. Presently, one active managed certificate is available and investable for investors.

How to buy a QUANTcertficate?:

      • The certificate is traded at the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Stuttgart.
      • You yourself or your bank / broker can buy the product directly via the exchanges
      • To order the certificates, please contact your banking representative or login to your online broker account and type in the WKN or ISIN to find the certificates
      • If there are problems that you cannot buy the products via your bank or broker, please contact Quantmade at and we try to solve this issue for you.

Key Information

ISIN: CH1296716207
VALOR: 129671620

Strategy Description

Quant Investment Strategy: defensive & balanced
Stock Universe: only US Large Cap Equities
Min. Invest: > 100 Euro / piece
Trading hours: Dialy tradable via exchange or OTC
Curreny: EUR/USD hedged
Interest: interst paid on free cash

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YTD Return (%)
3Y Return (%)
5Y Return (%)
CAGR (%)
Sharpe Ratio
Sortino Ratio
YTD Return (%)
3Y Return (%)
5Y Return (%)
CAGR (%)
Sharpe Ratio
Sortino Ratio
Return (%):
Quant Portfolio:
Large investors information

If you want to invest more than 100.000 Euro, the UBS offers you to buy the certificate at the present net asset value without exchange spread of ca. 0,5%.
In this case, pleae contact Quantmade via email or contact form.



This portfolio is actively managed using a set of mostly quant strategies trading the equity portfolio conservatively. The quants operate anticyclic in the market and cash level can vary between 0 and 100%. All systems used are turn-around algorithms or buy-the-dip systems, that time market entry based on probablitiy analysis of historic swing pattern. The systems have a portfolio turnover of ca. 7-10x and positions are mostly short duration between 10-20 days. As a result, the performance curve is signfiicantly smoothed vs. the benchmarks. This leads to a better predictiability of future returns.

What are AMCs and why are they attractive?

Here are some key characteristics and features of the Quantmade AMCs:

  • Flexbility: You can buy and sell the AMC every day during the trading hours at the stock exchange
  • Easy Access: You can buy the AMC via your normal bank or broker account in the listed countries
  • Top Performance: The Quant Portfolios of Quantmade show much better performance figures that classical index ETFs on the same benchmark
  • Saving Plan: Start a saving plan and buy the AMC on monthly basis and build wealth for the future
  • No Extra Account: You do not need an extra account at an asset manager
  • No self-trading necessary: You do not need to do the trades yourself. Everything is managed by Quantmade and UBS.


Active managed certificates (AMCs) are financial instruments that are similar to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in some ways but have distinct differences. Like ETFs, AMCs are traded on stock exchanges, making it easy for investors to buy and sell them throughout the trading day. While AMCs and ETFs share many similarities, the key difference is in their legal structure. AMCs are structured as debt securities, while ETFs typically are public funds trading a portfolio of assets.


Like ETFs, AMC can also be bought periodically in small amounts to profit from cost-average effects. Combined with a quant-driven strategy, this is a perfect solution for a year-long saving plan

Contact us if you have any questions about Quant-managed Certificates


Legal Disclaimer:

This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to subscribe for or acquire shares of the participation certificate, nor does it constitute a recommendation to acquire them. The information provided here does not replace suitable investor- and product-specific investment advice or investment recommendations. The sole basis for the acquisition of shares is the sales documents. All product-related documents, especially the prospectus, any supplements thereto, and the final terms, are published on the issuer’s website ( in accordance with legal regulations. The sales documents are also available free of charge from Quantmade GmbH at and from Reitelshöfer Vermögensmanagement GmbH at The issuance of shares of this certificate is only allowed in jurisdictions where such an offer or sale is permissible. The distribution and publication of this document, as well as the offer or sale of shares of this certificate, may be subject to restrictions in other jurisdictions. If this document is shared with third parties, Quantmade GmbH and Reitelshöfer Vermögensmanagement GmbH disclaim any further liability in this regard. The validity of the information and recommendations is limited to the time of the creation of this document and may change at any time and without prior notice depending on market developments.

Publisher: Quantmade GmbH, Löwenburg 1, 40668 Meerbusch, acting as a tied agent (§ 3 para. 2 WpIG) on behalf, in the name, for the account, and under the liability of the responsible liability carrier Reitelshöfer Vermögensmanagement GmbH, Poppenreuther Straße 144, 90765 Fürth. Reitelshöfer Vermögensmanagement GmbH is authorized by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority according to § 15 WpIG to provide investment advice pursuant to § 2 para. 2 no. 4 WpIG and investment brokerage pursuant to § 2 para. 2 no. 3 WpIG.

Risk Warning: You are exposed to the risk that the issuer may not be able to fulfill its obligations under the product, for example, in the event of insolvency (payment inability / over-indebtedness) or a regulatory order for resolution measures. Such an order by a resolution authority can be issued in advance of an insolvency proceeding in the event of a crisis of the issuer. The resolution authority has extensive intervention powers, including the ability to reduce investor claims to zero, terminate the product, convert it into the issuer’s shares, and suspend investor rights. A total loss of the capital invested is possible. As a debt security, the product is not covered by deposit insurance.