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The effectiveness of our algorithmic investing solutions stems from their methodical, unemotional approach, surpassing the limitations of human decision-making. Grounded solely in logic, data, and rule-based risk and money management, our algorithmic engines operate with impartiality, impervious to greed. This enables us to remain composed even amid market volatility and uncertainty, ultimately delivering superior investment performance outcomes.

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Date: 29.05.2024
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QUANTSHEET: Portfolio Certificates on the Quantmade DYNAMIC INVEST ONE Portfolio


  • Quantmade is at the forefront of developing algorithmic trading and investing tools. Our strategy uses a blend of quantitative (quant) systems that are fine-tuned to respond to changes in the stock market. Our focus is on active trading of large cap US stocks, using algorithms primarily designed for swing trading. This involves actively managing the portfolio with a data-driven investment strategy that analyzes stock swing patterns and predicts price movements of stocks using predictive methods and probability analysis. The systems in this certificate invest in a single stock only if the proability-based calculation of the upside potential is substantially above the average.
  • As a universe, we use the S&P 100 stocks and the Nasdaq 100 stocks. The systems trade only in the long direction. No short positions are taken. The average time in a trade is 10-25 days.  The investment degree in the certificates varies form zero to 100% depending on market conditions.
  • Using this active quant-based investment strategy, the returns can be increased substantially versus passive investments that cover the whole universe as well as that the volatility can be reduced so that correlations are also reduced.
  • The systems used in this certificate have a year long track record in our business field are “Quant Managed Accounts”. (see: Quant Managed Account Portfolios)
  • Within this certificate, the Quant systems trade each stock individually (active single stock trading) without any shorts. Using improved timing methods, returns can be improved and volatiliy is reduced.
  • This UBS product is listed at the stock exchange in Stuttgart and Frankfurt and can be bought also by private investors to their bank or broker account


For institutional, professional and private investors

First Listing Date:
23. April 2024

This product is a public offering and available also for private investors

Key Information

ISIN: CH1332119887
VALOR: 133211988

The certificate is listed on the stock exchanges in Stuttgart and Frankfurt and can be bought via almost all banks and brokers

Quant Strategy

Quant Investment Strategy: low volatile, turn-around strategy (long only)
Stock Universe: US mega large caps (S&P 100(R) and NASDAQ 100(R) equity universes)
Min. Invest: > 100 Euro / piece
Stock analysis frequency: daily
Currency: EUR/USD hedged
Interest: On free cash, interest is paid at Euribor level.

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YTD Return (%)
3Y Return (%)
5Y Return (%)
CAGR (%)
Sharpe Ratio
Sortino Ratio
Return (%):
Quant Portfolio:
Large investors information

If you want to invest more than 100.000 Euro, the UBS offers you to lower the spread to 0 "zero". In this case, please contact Quantmade via email or contact form. Upon this request, we serve you with more information

Email: info@quantmade.com

*Disclaimer: As professional quant developers we test and verify the performance of investment systems using modern simulation and backtesting technology. The charts and information above are an indication of the performance. Past performance is no guaratee for future performance. We have not included costs and fees in the simulation.

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