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Quantmade runs this ETI with several quant investment strategies. Quantmade is at the forefront of developing algorithmic trading and investing tools. The strategy uses a blend of quantitative (quant) systems that are fine-tuned to respond to shifts in the market. Central to our approach is the “DO-Model,” a system that decides when to activate or deactivate certain quant strategies based on how volatile the market is. When the market is unpredictable and risky, Quantmade prefers safer, defensive strategies that don’t follow market trends closely and have a very low beta at around 0.1. On the other hand, in stable conditions, we use more offensive strategies to extract the best returns of the calm environment. Moreover, our investment approach is adaptive and flexible, varying the investment degree from 0 to 100% based on market direction. This flexibility means we can reduce investment during downturns to minimize losses, and increase it during upswings to maximize gains. our method is dynamic, adjusting strategies to match market conditions and investing in stocks only when there’s a high potential for profit.

Quantmade’s focus is on trading very large cap stocks, using algorithms primarily designed for swing trading. This involves actively managing the portfolio with a cautious strategy, using quant systems that can predict market cycles. These systems often go against the grain of current market trends, and the cash allocation in the portfolio can be anything from zero to the full value, depending on the situation.

The algorithms are crafted to pinpoint the perfect timing for entering the market, by analyzing past trends to spot opportunities for buying at lower turning points or anticipating market recoveries. This leads to the portfolio being adjusted frequently, with a turnover rate of about 7 to 10 times a year and positions usually held for just 10 to 20 days. By regularly updating the portfolio, Quantmade is able to make its performance more stable compared to typical market benchmarks, thus offering a clearer forecast of future returns.

WHAT ARE ETIs?  ETIs are Exchange Trade Instruments and the risk-free version of an AMC. They are like AMCs (active managed certificates) but with segregated accounts. This means, there is no issuer risk and the investors capital is protected by 100%.


For institutional, professional and private investors

First Listing Date:
05. April 2024

Key Information


The ETI certificate is listed on the stock exchanges in Stuttgart can be bought via almost all banks and brokers

Quant Strategy

Quant Investment Strategy: defensive & balanced turn-around strategy (long only)
Stock Universe: US mega large caps (S&P 100(R) and NASDAQ 100(R) equity universes)
Leverage: 1.8
Min. Invest: > 100 Euro / piece
Trading: daily
Curreny: EUR/USD hedged
Interest: interst paid on free cash

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