Quantmade is a pioneering wealthtech firm dedicated to advancing sustainable wealth creation through its specialized Quant Solutions. Unlike traditional investment firms, Quantmade does not directly manage client accounts. Instead, the firm collaborates with asset managers, serving as a vital intermediary. These asset managers execute trading signals within client accounts, operating on a global scale.

In addition to its role in strategy development, Quantmade equips asset managers with cutting-edge technology necessary for crafting bespoke investment products. This symbiotic relationship enables Quantmade to dispense critical investment intelligence, encompassing trading and portfolio rebalancing strategies, to a network of asset managers worldwide.

These asset managers are responsible for conducting requisite transactions, overseeing account activities, and delivering detailed reports to clients. For managed accounts, the innovative Quantmade TAMP (Turnkey Asset Management Platform) forges a streamlined and integrated link among Quantmade, asset managers, and client accounts. This tripartite connection is the cornerstone of Quantmade’s ethos, ensuring the delivery of services is both efficient and effective, aligning with the firm’s commitment to promoting sustainable wealth creation.

The Q-TAMP Platform

Get a complete overview of the Q-TAMP Platform in this short video