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  1. Quantmade GmbH (“Quantmade”) with its registered office in Germany, 40668 Meerbusch, Löwenburg 1, is the operator of the website www.quantmade.com and www as well as the portal webapp.quantmade.com. Together these Internet platforms are summarized under “Quantmade”. Quantmade is an internet service for the marketing of trading signals.
  2. The following conditions apply in principle to the use of all content and information (including trading signals) provided by Quantmade in whatever form (online, email, print, etc.).
  3. By using our website or using our information (including trading signals) you agree to the terms of use and the disclaimer of our website.
  4. The content that can be booked online on quantmade is offered at rates for private customers and is exclusively reserved for private persons. Please use the online ordering options for this purpose.
  5. Commercial or institutional customers are not allowed to book, receive or use content at the private customer rate. Please contact Quantmade via the contact form or via e-mail info@quantmade.com for a customised offer.
  6. The user assures Quantmade that he has truthfully and completely provided all information and other required data within the scope of registration or contact.
    It is the responsibility of each user to comply with any restrictions before accessing Quantmade and, in case of doubt, to leave Quantmade immediately. Quantmade does not guarantee that Quantmade and its content comply with the laws of other countries.
  7. We would like to point out that all contents and offers on the internet pages operated by Quantmade are non-binding.

Link setting:

  1. The contents of third party websites that are reached via direct or indirect links from Quantmade (“external links”) are the responsibility of the respective provider. Quantmade has no influence on their content. At the time of linking, the website was checked once for possible legal violations. The check did not reveal any violations. Quantmade does not carry out a continuous check of external links.
  2. If there are any legal violations on linked pages to third party websites, these will be deleted immediately upon becoming known. We would like to point out that Quantmade in no way adopts the content or offers of linked third-party websites. In addition, it is expressly pointed out once again that Quantamde accepts no liability for the use of third-party websites.

Copyright / Trademark Law:

  1. For all content presented on our pages, we always take care to respect and protect the copyrights of third parties. As far as possible, we use license-free content (e.g. images and graphics registered under the Creative Common Licence).
  2. Trademarks or names used may be protected by the rights of third parties. These are subject to the unrestricted provisions of the respectively valid trademark law as well as the property rights of the respective valid and registered owners. The use of registered trademarks or protected names on our pages is purely descriptive. Quantmade excludes any promotional use.
  3. DAX(R) is a registered trademark of Deutsche Börse AG, Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (R) is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Company, S&P 100 (R) and S&P 500 (R) are registered trademarks of Standard & Poors, NASDAQ 100 (R) is a registered trademark of NASDAQ Inc.
  4. All content created and published by Quantmade itself is protected by copyright. Names or brands used on our pages are protected for the benefit of Quantmade. In addition, Quantamde reserves a corresponding protection (e.g. of designations of trading systems, logos, etc.).
  5. Use or reproduction of the content in electronic or printed form is not permitted without the express written consent by Quantamde.

Availability of the website

  1. Quantmade has a general availability around the clock. Due to maintenance work or disruptions, it may happen that Quantamde is not available.
  2. No claims for damages against Quantmade will arise from a possible loss of data by the user.
  3. Quantmade expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete individual parts of the pages or the entire content or offer without prior notice, or to cease publication temporarily or completely.


  1. We refer for the topic data protection to our


  1. Quantmade expressly does not provide investment advice.
  2. All free and paid content (e.g. trading signals) provided and published by Quantmade is intended for information purposes only and in no way constitutes an invitation to buy, hold or sell securities, derivatives or other financial products.
  3. In principle, each user always acts on his own responsibility, at his own risk and at his own risk when making investment decisions. Quantmade excludes liability for material or non-material loss or damage.
  4. Risk notice: The user is hereby expressly advised that trading in securities and derivatives is in part subject to considerable price fluctuations and the associated risks, which can lead to considerable losses or even total loss.
  5. We expressly point out that the content provided by Quantmade does not replace competent, personal advice from recognised experts.
  6. Quantmade’s trading strategies have been statistically evaluated through backtesting. Furthermore, statistics on the trading strategy are shown, which also show performance ratios based on the backtests.
  7. We expressly point out that past performance or statistical performance cannot be used to predict future performance.
  8. Performance indicators do not include fees or other costs.
  9. Quantmade does not guarantee future performance. If you have any questions about our performance indicators, please contact us at info@quantmade.com.
  10. The content provided by Quantmade has been carefully checked. If external sources are used for the presentation of content, these have been checked by Quantmade and assessed as trustworthy and reliable. However, no guarantee can be given for the topicality, correctness or completeness of all content provided.

Changes to the Terms of Use:

The Terms of Use are reviewed by us on a regular basis. If there are reasons that make it necessary to adjust the terms of use, we will do so immediately and update them.

Severability Clause

These terms of use are to be regarded as part of the Quantmade website from which you were referred to this page. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

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